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About FCMAT and Projection-Pro

Projection-Pro is a multiyear and cash flow projection software that can be used by multiple local educational agency (LEA) types.

The software has been designed to assist school districts, charter schools and county offices with building multiyear and cash flow projections based on best practices and statewide assumptions.

Any LEA that reports financials using SACS can use the SACS export or similar file from its financial system in Projection-Pro to generate the base year of the projection. For charter schools that report using the charter alternative format, Projection-Pro uses an Excel template to generate the base year of the projection. The projection that is initially created from this data will contain many elements of a quality projection. LEAs then customize it with local information to produce a complete projection. The results can be used by LEAs in preparing budgets, interim reports, and year-end financial reports.

Projection-Pro is based on the core premises that a multiyear projection is created by applying assumptions to modify the base year budget and a cash flow projection is based on monthly schedules applied to the multiyear budget. The application has been designed from the ground up to make it easy to navigate and includes calculations and functionality that improve the experience of creating multiyear and cash flow projections. For example, Projection-Pro includes brand-new functionality to:

Projection-Pro was developed in collaboration with California School Information Services (CSIS), a service of FCMAT. The software is provided for use by LEAs at no cost as part of FCMAT's mission to help LEAs fulfill their financial and management responsibilities.

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